August 2009

From the bottom of my heart I can say that it was one of the most beautiful life experiences (with the most beautiful people) and also one which has brought so many positive changes in my life. I have swallowed the Komaja book in 2 days and can now start understanding and reading it slowly again. It feels like a beginning to a new life path and with no going back to what was before.
Keeping you all in my heart with love,

I.J., 34, Yoga-teacher, Croatia

May 2009

Lieber Makaja
(...) What impressed me the most is the same thing, what the majority of us told on the last evening - and that is to understand that enligtenment is accessible for everybody, that it is not something abstract, distant and mystical respectively, that we all have already experienced the state of widened consciousness. So, now is the question how to experience it as often as possible. (…)
Also during course I again had the insight – and this not only on the mental level, but with my whole being – that I don`t have to be afraid of pain. I rather have to study how to learn also through pain. And again I had the feeling, that we humans do have knowledge, that we do have the possibilities inside of us, but at the same time it is our task to work on ourselves and apply this knowledge…
And once again during this course I had the opportunity to feel your (Makajas) love for us, your attention for your pupils. Your love and devotion, which I felt through each word, each meditation, each movement when playing football… thank you Makaja!
Futhermore, the entire spiritual schooling Komaja is for me one of the most useful and beautiful experiences in my life. The schooling is all-round, all-embracing, systematical, rich of qualitative high knowledge, which can be applied in everyday life. Each course was a special pleasure for me, but at the same time also a special experience concerning one of my fears, pains, pleasures… an encounter with myself…
(…) And thankfulness… Big love for the people… bigger friendship and bigger respect and compassion towards the people with whom I attended the courses, to whom I listened, how they spoke about their joy and pain, who I understand better after the courses and for whom I have more love…. I just have to find a way which is corresponding to me and which I am most capable of, to apply this experience also in life, to give it further to others…
Big hug,

B.S., 33, dipl. Communication scientist, Macedonia

Juli 2009

Hi !
(..) here is my personal report about these last 2 weeks in Komaja.
First of all, thank you so much for everything you've done. I've spent some of the most beautiful moments of my entire life ! I enjoyed the mantra singing, the meetings, where people opened themselves to the others. Everything was wonderful.
For me the group was great. (…)
The course was very interesting. Very good for a new guest like me, it was easy to understand your teachings. I am very happy, because I came to work on my premature ejaculation problem and I come back with more than I ever expected. I also had difficulties to accept my own body and the naked beaches helped me a lot to overcome this and feeling more comfortable with my body.
I don't know why, but I'm a little bit disappointed about the fact that the course was.. too wonderful. Everything was so great ! And in fact it was so easy for me to live there, everyone was joyful, happy. I had just some little problem to fight, but I got easily through this (…)
I learned a lot about how love is important and I will continue in this way, working on it every day. Thank you for everything.

B.R., 20, Student, Switzerland

PS: The food was very nice! Grade 5!

September 2009

Dear Makaja,
here comes my feedback for this summers Little-door course:
I am immeasurably thankful for this course. I think Makaja manages it incredibly good (this choice of words still seems to be too shallow).
The word Tantra and tantric work actually only in Makajas tantric courses receives its true content and true meaning. The offers of the tantric scene, which I got to know, I would not call the same. There are rather of sensual nature, schools of sensuality, from some finer types of contact platforms up to prostitution under cover of tantric spirituality (yoni and lingam massages), which should not even be mentioned together with true spirituality and tantra.
I had always the feeling of being at the right place, being safe and protected – not only from sexual greed of the other participants, but also from my own greed and lower wishes.
Makajas course has the highest level, it is artistic, full of ideas, completely truthful, honest, original and it takes place in a scope of highest discretion. Through this course I came closer to my true self and could connect with my sexuality and may femininity (…)
Many many thanks for his great experience, which accelerated my life development for many years and made it much richer.

M.N., 35, educator, Germany

May 2009

(...) The last course of Komajas basic schooling I experienced like concluding a wholeness (...)
For years we learn and exercise, and then I hear that the enlightened consciousness is not somewhere far away, is not something abstract and unreachable, but something close to us respectively something inside of us, something which we already experienced! We got many many techniques and methods and now it is as if we received also the last alignment for the end, and now it is up to us… It is up to us to our decision and our taking action.
After each course I am inspired and motivated, but now it is as if I stood at the start line and could reach all this knowledge and use it. (…)
Komajas schooling is a all embracing, universal and deep exploring of different spiritual sciences, without dogmas and without preaching. And also very valuable is the fact that this courses do not give only mental and intellectual information, there is no lecturing «ex cathedra», through Makaja one gets a content which enters into the essence of the soul respectively the being. Komajas schooling is like a spiritual- artistic workshop, where the participants under the guidance of the master and his engagement reach rare art works.
Through this schooling I experience us as «most elitist spiritual specialists». Without wanting to offend or disregard anyone, but: the other spiritual schools are like the different military units – some belong to the infantry, others are marines and again others belong to aircraft units – but Komajas schooling represents the most elecit military units, they are able to do things other people can not even imagine.
Through this schooling I gained a deeper and more real perception of myself and of life, I received informations and exercises, which I would not have found anywhere else, I got theoretical knowledge, but also concrete methods and techniques to improve my life and the lifes of my dearest ones and of the wider human communitiy and make it more beautiful.
As if I have visited a school for better life, for more beautiful, truthful and spiritual life.
Regards, Ishvara Pranidhana,

R.Č., dipl. Philosopher, Macedonia

August 2009

I have arrived back in Ireland safe and sound. First of all I want to say how glad I am that I went to Cherry Blossom this summer. I did not know what to expect in the beginning, but as time went on I just opened up to it more and more. I learned a lot of things about myself and shared parts of myself with people in ways I never really have before. For this I am very thankful!
With love,

B.J., 25, Student of Philosophy, Ireland

January 2010

Dear Makaja,
Komaja’s events and your work, are for me an alchemical process of transforming metal to gold. Through digging deep and hard into myself, I hope to live to understand this VITRIOL ("Visit the Innermost of the Earth and by Rectifying you will find the Hidden Stone") that is a recipe for happiness.. I sift through my conscious and sub-conscious what is not needed, burn what needs to be burnt, breaking the old patterns to transform all that I am into gold, and to dare to live it: fully, honestly, and freely, as you, Makaja, dare to live it.
Doing yoga with a master yogi is a great honour. Meditation, vegetarianism, rules of yama and niyama, raja yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, work on the awakening of the unit-consciousness, mantra singing, your students, your ashrams, tantra and work with sexuality – all mixed in one pot – can not be described by words – have to be experienced, and yet, probably only a few would stay capable to comprehend the depth, the wisdom, and the divine madness that spreads through your being.
Just simply reading your poly-amorous manifesto and understanding the possibilities of living multiple relationships within a structure of rules (not an anarchy of feeling and thoughts)and yet within the freedom of expression of love and sexuality, is a huge step forward for anyone’s knowledge of how relationships could be lived. And if only, we would be able to implement it, in our marriages and relationship structures – wow, what a step that would be for a human-kind!

N.P., 41, Yoga Instructor & Writer, Malta

September 2009

Dear Makaja,
at first thousand thanks for his summer in Liznjan. Those six weeks I could stay there with your help were just super, even though Little Door was hard work.
Almost right from the beginning I felt my energy in the heart chakra and above. Maybe it was the falling in love with Ivana which brought me to that point, maybe it was the combination of Cherry Blossom and the falling in love with Ivana. In any case for me this was the most beautiful summer since years and therefore I’m thankful. (…)
I would very much like to come to Liznjan and invest my energy in our center there, as soon as our Ashram is sold. There is nothing more holding me back here in Germany.
With gratefulness, devotion and radiating heart

A.S., 53, Physiotherapist, Germany

May 2009

When this last course in Zagreb ended, (...) something very important in these eight years of our spiritual efforts has been crowned or «the tops of our tree in the chestnur allee», and we will now have to fight for light and much oxygen by ourselves, we will stand the winds, we will find the path to the tasty minerals, to the mighty waters of our further «life in spirit», to be able to carry wonderful fruits every year and to call and awake the beauty in peoples hearts.
Makaja, I think that joy was awakened in everyone because you so easily brought the idea of enlightened consciousness closer to us and we from our side understood (in our head as well as in our heart), and because of the presence of our consciousness for our surrounding after the course, and because of the radiation which flows out of our forehead chakra and penetrates everything in a fine way.

G.N., 31, bee-keeper, Macedonia

July 2009

19. course: My experieces, perceptions, insights...
The experience that human nature and human possibilities are unlimited, divers, our entire connection with all of us, that human ideals change dependent on the level of consciousness, that we are capable to be truely happy and glad about the happyness of othe people, to feel light inside of us and to be touched by it resp. to feel our true divine nature and to wish strongly that this state becomes a permanent one – our permanent nature and consciousness.
And when this feeling is not very easy for us (because of diverse circumstances, influenced by others, our steady habits etc.) or when we cannot find the courage to follow our intuition, I understood, that god than helps us in his way which is often not corresponding to us because it is a «forced» growth.
But anyway, we feel deep inside of us, that this is the thing which guides us to where we truely belong. (...)
I think that I am not completely conscious about what I received from this teaching, because I don't know, in which direction my life would have been developed and which experiences I would have gone through if I would not have been schooled in Komaja.
Anyway, certain positive changes in my life are: vegetarian life, widened consciousness towards myself and people around me and all living beings. My «normal» things from before (eat meat, throw rubbish somewhere where it does not belong, to act exclusively in an «egoistic» way for ones own interests without considering the consequences for people close or distanz to me. Because this is the normal way of surviving and persisting...) I see now from a different point of view and I feel pain when not able to help people to understand, that with the things they do they will not only hurt the others but also and in the first line they will hurt themselves.
I thank God and Makaja for everything I have got – conscious or unconscious.

M.K., 51, Macedonia

September 2009

Jaja jaja Guru
Nice to finally write you an email after nearly seven years.
Last time was very touching and I am happy that I’m experiencing you a little piece more as my guru. For this inspiration and help I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to the future, even though there is a lot of work waiting for me. (…)
The Little Door course was the best since I joined Komaja seven years ago. (…) I trust so much in you because you are absolutely above everything and you know what you want.
Thank you, see you soon

F.H., 34, cook, Germany

August 2009

Dear Makaja
This years’ Cherry Blossom course was one of the best courses for me, if not THE best course.
Again it became obvious how important for me the spiritual path of self knowledge is and how many valuable advices and experiences I get through participating at the course. And especially how much support and acceleration of my development I get. These experiences in devotion, trust, confrontation with fears concerning partnership and sexuality I could never gain on my own.
From people I felt big trust, big love and especially the cohesion of a community which has grown for years. It is so beautiful for me to be part of this Cherry Blossom community and I feel great thankfulness towards the members (…)
From you as leader of the course I got once again your clear and loving work with people as an ideal. Through your unsentimental, true work with people on topics like jealousy, fear of loss, false egoism, hypocrisy, laziness, I learn very much about human nature. Especially I`m again and again fascinated how you give yourself 100% in each matter.
We have not much contact, but anyway I always feel how you perceive, support and love me.

S.G., 43, Yoga-Lehrerin, Deutschland

May 2009

The last course of Komajas spiritual schooling I experience like a crown of the Komaja schooling until now. The preceding preparations and maturing were unavoidable for these new insights concerning «enlightened consciousness» to take place (...)
1) Peace, reconciliation with the world, forgiveness and the feeling that my life lies in my hands.
2) Methods and knowledge to find a way how to get out of the matrix of our society and to become a free individual (process of individuation). This I perceive as a lasting process.
3) Love erotic area:
Before I considered myself as unnormal and was very unhappy because of my polyamorous impulses and needs and to be true and honest with all my partners. Real enlightenment means that it is possible to live in a free and honest way! Also, that polyamory is healthy and «normal». And that it is a lie when people call something love which is limiting their own freedom and the freedom of their partners. (...)
To live honestly and truely with lots of responsibility as far as this is possible without hurting other people – now I know that this is the only way for me and for people of my level of consciousness.
What could be improved:
I suggest to put more stress on the importance of a spiritual-friendly supervision of younger pupils by elder ones.
in devotion to the highest,

D.M., 36, dipl.Ing., Macedonia

July 2009

Maybe this was at all the strongest «Rythm», despite of the fact that the participants were very different. What impressed and astonished me the most, was Makajas engagement: so many strong exercises, strong meditations, (...)! All together very intense and beautiful on all levels. I`m very content and thankful! What makes me especially happy is the fact that my partner could go through some important experiences in safe atmosphere.

K.G., 52, Switzerland

May 2009

Hello Makaja,
A few words from me about the last course of Komajas schooling in general. During course I felt that every second I am spending with you and every word you speak are precious like pure gold – so precious, so important, so much in the core of life itself.
I am amazed how this course is really like the «cherry on the cake» of the whole schooling, because all what we learned and exercised is now settling easily and vividly down onto the level of concrete action – a complete demystification of enlightenment.
The whole schooling I experience as on the the mor valuable things I have received in my life, because it helps me immensly to get to know mysef and the world around me from day to day. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to become even more of a human in the deeper sense of this word with the help of such a precise, clear, unclouded and transparent instrument. I realise that the human values and virtues in us arouse and develop through the entire komaja schooling as well as life in the community and in the ashrams builds in fact the seeds for a new more noble and virtuous humanity.
With love

I.V., 35, ICT engineer, Croatia

September 2009

Dear Mester, dear Guru Makaja!
(...) This was the seventh year since I met you (Makaja) in Ohrid and it was the seventh year with «Little Door» ... this year a cycle has ended for me ... The beginning in Ohrid was strong, a strong spiritual experience...and then with time I lost myself somehow on the way...und now, this year, in the seventh is as if I have come back...and found myself again...more mature and more pure...and I found you, Makaja, again inside of me...there was freedom, something newly beautiful in my chest... I felt alone there, but in a beautiful way alone... alone and ready to listen, to learn, to surrender completely...and deeply connected with you... the thin fine line of connectedness, which I had with you before and which got lost, has now come back to me.
I felt that you support me somehow, that you are beside me, that you give me exactly those spiritual «vitamines» and «minerals» which I need, not what I was thinking that I need, but, this what I really need you gave me now this summer, in this period of life... As if you would enter my system into the head, into the soul and take something out which is not supposed to be there, deep inside me,... and space and light you give to those things which are good,... things I don't know myself that they are here... which I can not see...a strong experience...Through tantric encounters I understood how much I actually know and how much I can give, and that I have something to give to others... but when I see how much I have learned all these years... (...) I am in elation, I stay without breath, when sometimes in meditation I succed to connect with you very deeply and to see how much it is what you are doing, huge and beautiful things, and mighty is it all... a kind of art which still has to come in the next future... the art of creating beautiful beings, beautiful souls, beautiful people... of creating beautiful radiant energies, which shine onto other people...
(...) I am happy that you are my teacher and that I am able to learn from such a big teacher...
In devotion to the highest and to you, Makaja,

L.I., 30, actress, Germany

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