What is Komaja

"The aim of every human action is basically to bring about a state of complete physical, psychic, social and, finally, cosmic harmony. The realisation of the state in which all one's needs are fully met at any given time. All living beings strive towards reaching this state of bliss..."

"Komaja is born within a terrible cleft separating what is offered by today's Christians, Hindus, Materialists and all other 'same-ists' on the one hand, and the essential need of the contemporary human, on the other. Hence, this term is not to be found in any spiritual or worldly literature, not even in any foreign language dictionary. Komaja hails from a time in the future.”

"After the age-old sin of 'resisting God's Will', humanity’s next worst cardinal sin is wrongly interpreting what God's Will actually is. Our task on the cosmic stage is not to destroy the body corporality or flee from it, but rather to call God's Spirit into it, spiritualise or make the material body and world divine. Humanity’s cosmic task (as long as we exist as human beings) is in the material world itself. The slice of paradise to which God made humankind liable is our very planet. This is paradise! Here is where paradise is!"

In this sense Komaja is a path, goal, and method at the same time:

  1. It is a path for balancing opposites, such as body/spirit, nature/culture, materialism/idealism, etc.
  2. its goal is to unfold all divine potentials (love, intelligence, will, et al.) which exist in each human individual
  3. of all things, it is the methods of Komaja - the God’s Radiating Love -  which make this unfolding of physical, psychic and spiritual powers possible.
Komaja ist a path of knowledge and practical application for everything considered right in everyday life. Komaja is an academy of life, all of whose aspects (the internal, i.e., the emotional and mental, as well as the external, the individual and social) are examined and above all lived in a new manner.  This life-academy is open to all good-hearted people of all worldviews, whether atheist, theist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc.  Komaja techniques are equally effective whether one uses them to strengthen one’s physical and mental health, to achieve more happiness and success in life, or even to realise the highest of spiritual goals.

Aba Aziz Makaja, Komaja- die geistige Liebes- und Lebenskunst (Komaja - Spiritual Art of Love and Life), Zürich/Konstanz 1998
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