The Technique


One sits, closes one’s eyes, relaxes one’s body (especially the face) and then in one’s imagination one chooses a person of the opposite sex e.g. one’, some unknown person from the street or from a film - it could also be a holy person, a sage, yogi or yogini or even God, himself. Likewise, that person may be fictitious - an ideal of the opposite sex. It is essential that as soon as the meditator brings to mind the image of this person, feelings of love, adoration, admiration, rapture, devotion, joy, and happiness are evoked within the meditator. The meditator sees the person's body, face, hair, gestures, hears the voice of that person, feels the touch of the person's hand – alive, alive as if the person was present here now and one melts with love and joy. One needs to feel a strong radiance from the chest area and a streaming of life energy throughout the whole body.

Signs which show that this first part of the meditation has been well executed are the following: e.g. if one has an injury that hurts even when one isn’t moving, one can clearly feel how the awakened energy flows through the injured spot and the pain ceases. Furthermore, feelings of tiredness and sleepiness disappear, the manner of one's breathing changes, both body and soul are filled with vital energy and after meditating one is as fresh as if he/she has just had a good restful sleep, etc. Some people manage this from the very beginning and others need two or three months. Once one chooses a person, it is necessary to "work" with that person for at least one month.

The goal of this technique is to make conscious and develop in the human being the capacity to love - the capacity for universal, cosmic love, love towards all beings in contrast to personal, sentimental-sexual love. One starts by feeling love for one person of the opposite sex for a simple reason - it is the easiest for a beginner. After several months (or years), when the meditator eventually burns incessantly with a fire of uncompromising, total love and devotion towards several people at the same time, then in his/her body and soul, great changes begin to take place - the sun of Komaja appears on the horizon of the meditator's consciousness. He/she, now with complete consciousness, dives into those areas of life that for the vast majority of people are covered by the impenetrable veil of materialism.

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