Makaja, Aba Aziz:

Eros & Logos
The Book for Saints and Sinners

A collection of selected sayings, speeches, lectures and meditations on cultivating and spiritualising human sexuality.
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Autor Makaja, Aba Aziz
Edition Skopje,Zürich, Brighton 2003
Seiten 380
Sprache englisch

Aba Aziz Makaja embodies the vision of a liberated, God-filled love-life. Whoever desires to link the path to his own divine nature with fulfilment in his love-life, will find valuable inspirations in this book.
Gerd B. Ziegler, author of the world bestseller Tarot mirror of the soul (over a million copies sold)
Wonderful! If this book does not enlighten you, nothing will.
Zlatka Sacer, culture editor of the famous Radio 101, Croatia
The work of Aba Aziz Makaja is a courageous and provocative move toward the redemption of the erotic. His work responds to critical malignancy in western culture generally, the bad conscience it has over sexual pleasure. Eros & Logos should be a redemptive force in promoting the healing of western culture's most painful and debilitating illness.
Raymond J. Lawrence, Episcopal priest and director of Pastoral Care, author of The Poisoning of Eros (winner of the book award of the IX. World Congress of Sexology)
Eros & Logos offers an inspiring vision for fully experiencing all the potential inherent in human intimacy along with a compelling case for why evolution calls us to do so. Anyone seeking an understanding of the basic unity of sex and spirit will find it here!
Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol, author of Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits
I consider Aba Aziz Makaja to be one of the greatest contemporary masters of Tantra. In a way that hardly anyone else has done, he recognizes the Sacred in the sexual and the panerotic in the life of the true saints. I admire his courageous statement on love and truthfulness, on a spiritual, fulfilled life without hypocrisy and false compromise as well as his teaching of the "spiritualisation of sexuality" with discipline and devotion, which he advocates in this book so eloquently and authentically.
Wolf Sugata Schneider, publisher of the magazine connection (the leading spiritual magazine in Germany)

Eros - aspiration at the highest form of reality

The Charm of Sex
For some it is the natural curse, for some it is the natural bliss
In sex we are complete
Sex is not done for its own sake
God created man in the image of himself
Sex is an illusion

Sexual Slavery
On the unconscious and ignorance
The sad reality of the average Christian and the average civil marriage
Social impacts of sexual slavery
Free love and not free sex
Liberating the female power and ennobling the male
Partnership - illusion and method
New culture of sexuality and eroticism

Body, Health and Sex
There is no ecstasy without physical health
Psychic and bodily disorders, diseases and deviations
Healing with "sexual" energy
Puberty and the climacteric

ABC of Love-erotic Art
There is no ecstasy without truth and love
Spontaneity = control of the body, feelings and thoughts
Naturalness and honesty
Giving vent to and transforming the lower instincts
The most virtuous enjoy it the most
Sex and eroticism
Passion of the heart, not passion of the cock
Stages of orgasm

The disobedient member
Female orgasm
Impotence and frigidity
In search of a perfect partner
Jealousy kills love

Technical hints
The prevailing rule: taking a pause
Let it be
12 practical instructions for ecstatic joint orgasm
Komaja's techniques of asceticism

Spiritualisation of Sexuality
Iron discipline and radiating love
Falling in love
Your love-erotic relationship is your natural religion
To love one's animal
The truth will set you free
Spiritual singing and sex
Monogamy, polygamy and promiscuity
Zajedna - a new vision of living together of men and women
Autoeroticism - heteroeroticism - paneroticism
The purpose and the work of Tantric groups

Through Sex to Enlightenment
Sexuality and spirituality
To use the "opponent's" energy
Ego and sex
The ability for ecstasy is in us
Through sexual enjoyment to permanent enjoyment
Sex - heart - brain: The holy Trinity in the microcosm of man
Komaja's Tantra is the Tantra of the heart
The Holy intercourse

Enlightened Eroticism and Love
Seek first the Kingdom of God
How to "make" love?
Love-erotic mastery or the secret of great lovers
The death of hedonism
Divine coitus within the human
Transcendental sex
Orgasm and divine ecstasy
The Tantric guru
Shot to the core of life — an intimate interview with Aba Aziz Makaja

The epilogue
Detached from people, attached to God

Final remark from the editor
The life and work of Aba Aziz Makaja

Presentations from the lecture "Mysteries of Orga(ni)sm"
Presentations from the lecture "Love-erotic Art "
Some basic characteristics of the spiritual-philosophic system KOMAJA


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