Example Meditation

We hold our spine, neck and head straight. We relax the top of our head and forehead. Our lips are soft and half opened and from time to time moist. This will also help relax the stomach and anus. We relax all our limbs, our palms, the soles of our feet, the toes. And always again and again we moisten our lips.
You desire love, you desire this happiness, this happiness of being in love. Say yes to yourself. Yes, this is my truth. I want it so much in spite of all the times I have been hurt, consciously or unconsciously. I open my heart. I long for love and to be in love, no matter what happens. I say yes to life and to my fellows. I love! I want to love this world. And falling in love could help me more quickly and easily turn into a Being of Open Heart. O, how much I long to fall and to be in love!
Imagine now that the biggest love from your past is embracing you. Or imagine that you are hugging a person of the opposite sex, [someone] who completely suits you – exactly the way you have wanted your whole life. The perfect person for you. Just for you. And he loves you so much. And she loves you so much. And the walls inside your chest are falling, one after the other. The walls fall and you begin again to see the good in the world, the beautiful. More and more you begin to also accept other people, to love them. You do not criticize anymore because you are in love and loved.
God’s gift! According to your needs exactly! O – if it would only last, this state. And imagine that it lasts and it will last eternally! Both of you are so happy, so fulfilled, ecstatic, for all your days and nights. You love the world. And the world loves you, too, because the world notices how happy you are, how nourishing for your environment. The world starts to love you. And through this your happiness grows even greater. All your relatives, your entire neighbourhood, everybody falls in love with you! Everybody is taken with you!
At some point you awake from your dream and you begin to notice how much envy surrounds you, these suffering and closed souls in your neighbourhood, full of various fears, with pressure on or emptiness in theirs chests, with gloomy eyes. And then you start to love all these people, to pass on your never-ending joy in love – to all these who lack it.

This is the path of the human being! This is the most natural path there is to God. We call this Komaja. When you are nourished, when you are drunk with love, you will one day see how much a lack of love surrounds you. And when you have really reached the source, when you are connected to the source, you walk through the world and bless and give gifts to the world. Some call this source Christ, others call it Krishna. There are many names for this source. But for those who have really reached the source, it does not matter at all what it is called and by which methods one has reached the source - or reaches  it again and again, because now one is drinking from the source. Again and again – at your whim.
This is a saved soul! Still in the flesh, still embodied, and at the same time in paradise. Set free from the chains of matter and sexuality. This does not necessarily mean that this person has to be an ascetic. Maybe he/she does not do it anymore. Maybe he/she does it like a king or a queen of love and eroticism. The king and the queen among people. Only he, only she, who drinks from the source of love.
Your power to love, your power, your courage to fall in love, to be a fanatic of love - that will guide you from human love to superhuman, divine love.
And you will also be one of those who showers the world with gifts.

Sat Chit Ananda

From: Aba Aziz Makaja, Komaja - die geistige Liebes- und Lebenskunst, (Komaja - the Spiritual Art of Life and Love) Zürich/Konstanz 1998
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