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Many internationally renowned scientists and thought leaders have acknowledged and supported the work of Aba Aziz Makaja (Franjo Milicevic)  and the Komaja-Community. 


Raymond J. Lawrence

Author of The Poisoning of Eros (winner of the book award of the IX. World Congress of Sexology) - USA

The work of Aba Aziz Makaja is a courageous and provocative move toward the redemption of the erotic. His work responds to a critical malignancy in western culture generally, the bad conscience it has over sexual pleasure. Eros & Logos should be a redemptive force in promoting the healing of western culture's most painful and debilitating illness.


Prof. Dr. Marijan Kosicek

Father of the sexological science in the South Slavic countries, author of over 20 sexological books - SFRJ

The book Enlightended Eros will without doubt help many people, to come to grips with their love-erotic life.


Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol

Author of Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits - USA

Enlightened Eros offers an inspiring vision for fully experiencing all the potential inherent in human intimacy (…). Anyone seeking an understanding of the basic unity of sex and spirit will find it here!


Dr. Manca Kosir

Author; professor of journalism and ethics, Ljubljana - SLO

(...) About sex as a passion of the heart which leads from sexual ecstasy to cosmic orgasm and over unconditional love to the ONE. Makaja knows: freedom without love is destruction, freedom with love is creation. Whoever succeeds in transforming sexual energy into love energy is already in paradise (…) It is, therefore, so valuable to read Makajas Eros. But most beautiful is living it. Thank you for this blessing!


Prof. Dr. Ferid Muhic

Professor of philosophy, author of 23 monographies about philosophy, University of Skopje) - MAK

Instead of regarding the whole history of civilisation as the history of suffering (Historia calamitatum), Komaja proposes a model of the history of pleasure, of joy, the history of ecstasy, which can lead to the same destination: namely to the highest bliss and a state without needs or discontent (…)


Wolf Sugata Schneider

Publisher "connection books" and of the magazine "connection" (the leading spiritual magazine in Germany)

I consider Aba Aziz Makaja to be one of the greatest living masters of Tantra. Unlike almost anyone else, he recognizes the Sacred in the sexual and the pan erotic in the life of true saints. I admire his courageous statement on love and truthfulness, on a spiritual, fulfilled life without hypocrisy and lazy compromises as well as his teachings on the “spiritualisation of sexuality” (…).


Dr. Marty Klein

Internationally reputed Marriage & Family Counselor and Sex Therapist, author of several bestsellers about sexual education and marriage therapy – USA

The political reach is the ultimate importance of Makaja’s work. In a part of the world that has obsessively focused on people’s opposites and differences Makaja focuses on people’s common human heritage. He talks of the erotic oppression that burdens them all, and teaches a way of living that focuses on what all people share: the potential for erotic fulfilment and conscious loving.


Gerd B. Ziegler

Author of the world bestseller Tarot – Mirror of the Soul (over a million copies sold) – DE

“Aba Aziz Makaja embodies the vision of a liberated, God-filled love life. Whoever desires to link the path to his divine nature with the fulfilment in his love-life, will find valuable inspirations in this book.”


Silvio Wirth

Author of Integrales Tantra. Sinnlichkeit, Tiefe und Transzendenz [Integral Tantra. Sensuality, Depth and Transcendence] - DE

“Komaja’s teachings combine deep meditation practice, intensive bodywork, complex spiritual training and a path to one’s shadows called polytherapy with art, music and creativity, mastery of everyday life and tantric sexual techniques as well as a polyamorous partnership concept, all within explicit, strict ethical frameworks.”

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