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Love Meditation


One Komaja method for realising Spirit’s full presence within one’s body, while simultaneously leaving all thought of oneself behind, is Love Meditation or Loving  – the  "Lingering in Love". This exercise came about as the result of the knowledge that the path to divine unconditional love can be found via human incomplete love. By exercising, increasing and perfecting love for one human being, one finally reaches universal, divine love.


a) Loving or Love Meditation is performed in such a way, that a man and woman sit as close to each other as possible without touching. After some minutes of relaxation and concentration they slowly open their eyes and focus their gaze on their partner’s chest. This gaze must be accompanied by a complete self-opening, the natural, sincere melting into each other of two gentle and sensitive souls – because this is how our souls really are. As soon as the partners feel that they have entered the “stream” of subtle feelings, they lift their gaze. With longing, with noble desire, with compassion and understanding. Without fear. Without shame. Deeply, deeply, honestly. Normally, stronger or weaker trembling and a tremor of the lips and other areas of the face occur. If somebody feels uneasy because of that, he/she should close his/her eyes and wait until the tremor stops. This tremor occurs for the same reason as it can during individual meditation. Because of the sudden strengthened flow of prana, an accelerated relaxation and nourishing of the nervous system and muscle tissue takes place. One should also preferably close one’s eyes if fear, greed, a guilty conscience, great sadness or a similar emotion arises within oneself or one’s partner (since both open themselves sincerely and deeply to each other) and one does not have enough love and power at that moment to transform the negative energies into positive ones – whether within oneself or one’s partner. Once one feels enough power, one opens one’s eyes and lavishes the partner with waves of love and noble yearning until both are in an ocean of the joy of love, until they drown in the world of unity.
Practitioners can help each other greatly in becoming conscious of their physical, emotional and mental energies, when during the meditation they point out - with their eyes, slight facial or hand movements or possibly light touches - whenever necessary that their partner’s forehead is wrinkled, that his/her face or lips are tense, etc. The partners can also speak to each other, though beginners should avoid that. Much, much patience and tenderness, as well as intense emotional engagement is required, as if this were the last tarrying in life with a person of the other sex. The quality of this meditation can be greatly enhanced by music which stimulates the emotions.
Duration of the meditation: between five minutes and fifty or more years.

b) Loving can be combined with the meditation for melting one’s chakras with one’s partner. The use of this meditation makes sense only when both partners already have some experience in Love Meditation. The optimal progression for melting in this meditation isheart chakra, forehead chakra, throat chakra, crown chakra, solar plexus chakra, sex chakra and root chakra. Between melting the single chakras, it can be useful to look at one’s partner’s face to regain security, emotional power et al. which have potentially been lost.

c) The third version of Loving is only appropriate for very advanced practitioners. While they focus their gaze on each others’ chests, the partners harmonize the vibrations of their emotional and mental bodies. As soon as the emotional and mental bodies have melted into one emotional and mental body the partners slowly lift their gaze – eye to eye. After that the phase in melting the feeling and thought-structures and a transition to the causal and higher levels follows. Only then does one experience true, pure, completely unselfish love. Only then is the name Love Meditation fully justified.
Now intense phenomena appear on all levels – sometimes even physically visible and measurable. When the meditation lasts for a long period of time, the partners can lie down in such a way that their bodies touch each other; first on their backs and after some time on their stomachs. Supine, one continues the event with closed eyes.
Loving or Love Meditation is, when performed properly, the most effective and safe means for developing clairvoyance as well as many other psychic powers. Its main goal, its essence, however, is love - love and consciousness. 

KOMAJA & MAKAJA: Love Meditation

KOMAJA & MAKAJA: Love Meditation

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From the bottom of my heart I can say that it was one of the most beautiful life experiences (with the most beautiful people) and also one which has brought so many positive changes in my life. I have swallowed the Komaja book in 2 days and can now start understanding and reading it slowly again. It feels like a beginning to a new life path and with no going back to what was before.
Keeping you all in my heart with love,

—   I.J., 34, Yoga-teacher, Croatia