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Love-Erotic Therapy


Meditation is an effortless state and process.

– Guru Makaja

For more joy in love and marital relationships
•    To develop your personal potential
•    To increase your efficiency and creativity
•    Against drugs and other addictions
•    Against depression

Self-knowledge and self-cultivation are the cornerstones of Love-Erotic Therapy (LET). This is the reason why Love-Erotic Therapy is ultimately a therapy in which a person treats, cures and/or develops him- or herself. And this is appropriate because within each human being there is a great, sublime, divine power – to love, to be enraptured, to be joyful, to fall in love and to be creative. But human beings do not tap their full potential. Love-Erotic Therapy deals directly with becoming conscious of the immeasurable, latent potentials within oneself. The liberation and development of these forces, virtues and abilities engenders an all-encompassing satisfaction of both the human being’s lower and higher nature and creates the kind of ecstatic fulfilment for which every human longs.  However, since he/she is not spiritually trained, he/she only finds and experiences surrogates for this fulfilment.

1. Module: Komaja Meditation and Loving

During Komaja Meditation and Loving the meditator practises how to consciously increase, deepen and prolong the state of pure, unselfish love, love which is free from jealousy, envy and competition, and which the majority of people experience only during short periods of their most intense periods of being in love – for only this kind of love regenerates the soul and body. In the same way that an athlete trains his/her muscles and the pianist trains his/her fingers and ear, a person during Love-Erotic Therapy trains in refining his/her thoughts and feelings in general every day, especially in intensifying love and the state of being in love .The Komaja Meditation is practiced alone; Loving is done with a partner or in a group.

2. Module: Polytherapy

Polytherapy is a spiritual, manifold therapeutic method. It enables one to have deep insights into the subconscious and unconscious layers of the psyche. At the same time it helps to transform those psychic blocks, complexes and other disorders, which have been brought into consciousness, into positive and creative manifestations of life. Polytherapy can be offered as therapy sessions for individuals or for couples, but only as group therapy does it encompass all its aspects and thus achieve its greatest effect.

3. Module: Maithuna and the Theatre of Truth

The third course is dedicated to Maithuna – making conscious, cultivating and    spiritualizing the sexual act: course participants learn to enjoy sexual and love play more and how to use them to achieve greater pleasure and enjoyment in their life in general. However, the attendee also learns how to use his/her own sexuality for the achievement of higher states of consciousness. In connection with making the sexual act conscious and increasing love-erotic ecstasy, the Theatre of Truth also plays a significant role. The Theatre of Truth is, similar to confession, a verbal (and also by other means) expression of the deepest physical, psychic and spiritual impulses.

4. Module: Demystification and De-Tabooing of Sexuality

The topic of the final course of Love-Erotic Therapy is deepening the understanding that a human being’s sexual energy is actually its life energy. This life energy expresses itself – depending on the focus of consciousness – as sexual power, love power, power of joy and inspiration or some other kind of creative power. That means that whoever has this basic force of nature under conscious control and at his/her free disposal becomes a master of life.

If Love-Erotic Therapy (LET) is used as a method for the treatment of drug addiction and other kinds of addictions* the course program is completed with “total ignorance of the addiction”, meaning that we intend to focus our consciousness and all daily activities on positive and creative matters.


Become a certified Komaja Love-Erotic Therapist

For detailed information about the educational program and requirements for examination, please contact the Komaja Meditation School administration at

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