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Bookings & Cancellations


For events organized by Komaja Meditationsschule, Komaja Stiftung and other Komaja organizations (if not otherwise stipulated in the corresponding event's flyer)


In case of cancellation of the entire reservation we kindly ask the guest/organizer to inform us as soon as possible. For cancellations at short notice, the guest/organizer will be charged with a proportionate compensation fee as follows:

60-31 days before the event - 25% of the reserved services
30-15 days before the event - 50% of the reserved services
14-0 days before the event - 100% of the reserved services

If the Komaja Meditationsschule, Komaja Stftung, or any other Komaja organization has a reason to believe that the customer may endanger the smooth business operation, security, or reputation of the concerned Komaja organization, then the Komaja Meditationsschule, Komaja Stftung or another Komaja organizer entitled to cancel the reservation contract with the customer at any time without compensation.

For the Komaja-Meditationsschule
Franjo Milicevic - Aba Aziz Makaja

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