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Aba Aziz Makaja


  • Aba Aziz Makaja (civil name Franjo Milicevic) is the first known spiritual teacher in history to originate from the South Slavic region.  His teachings and community have spread to the rest of Europe and throughout the world.

  • Since 1986, Komaja has spread to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, America and Australia. There are also Komaja societies and organizations in the majority of the Southern Slavic states.

  • Since 1993 Makaja has regularly appeared in various private and state-owned TV and radio broadcasters’ programmes, as well as interviews and magazine and newspaper articles in all the former Yugoslavian states. (The same is also true for all leading members of the Komaja Societies established in various countries.). Since 1993 he has made between 250 and 300 appearances as well as given more than one hundred public talks in Croatia, Europe and other countries worldwide. 

  • In the last 36 years Makaja has, as a spiritual master as well as a spiritual therapist and sexologist, given approx. 30'000 sessions for individuals and couples, approx. 400 two-weekend courses throughout Europe, over 30 international Winter Schools (with an average duration of 10 days per school), and over 30 international Summer Schools (with a duration of 14 days per school). Finally, from 1985 up to and including the summer of 2011, this spiritual man of immeasurable energy also succeeded in holding 60 international tantric schools (with a duration of 14 days per school).

  • The core of the Komaja community that adhere strictly to Komaja’s Seven Conditions/Principles and whom Makaja has taken on as his spiritual disciples, has varied in recent years from between 300 and 400 people.  It is estimated that the broader circle following his teachings encompasses several thousand people.

  • Makaja’s Love-Erotic Therapy (LET) is internationally both publicly and privately aided, e.g., by the non-governmental American organi­zation USAID, the Republic of Macedonia’s Agency for Youth and Sports, and the Department of Health, Labour and Social Welfare of the City of Zagreb, among others. His teachings about the culti­vation and spiritualization of sexuality were presented to the inter­­national experts at the World Congresses of Sexology (Paris 2001; Havana 2003; European Congress 2004, Brighton) and also in scientific magazines.

  • At the beginning of 2003 Makaja’s main organization, the Komaja Foundation for the Promotion of Physical and Psychic Health via Komaja Meditation Methods, Switzerland, became a member of the World Association for Sexology (WAS). Thus, Makaja is the only South Slavic sexologist up to now, whose institution has become a member of this eminent scientific organization.

  • On the occasion of the 18. World Congress for Sexual Health 2007 in Sydney/Australia, the General Assembly of the World Association for Sexual Health took another three KOMAJA-societies as full members: KOMAJA-society for the Culture of Love, Cologne/DE, KOMAJA-society for the Development of the Art of Living, Skopje/MK, KOMAJA-society for the Development of Love and Consciousness, Zagreb/HR.

  • Our spiritual master won the renowned American Sexual Intelligence Award, 2004, as the “South Slavic Sexual Enlightener”. This prize is awarded to institutions and people that, with their social, scientific, public work and/or engagement, challenge the sexual fear, unrealistic expectations, and governmental hypocrisy that undermines love, sex and relationships, as well as human rights today.

  • Komaja is the only institution in the South Slavic countries which offers a systematic, scientifically substantiated love-erotic education for all ages from 14 onwards – and has been doing so since 1978!

  • During the Serbian aggression towards Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Komaja assisted the affected Croatian and Islamic areas with more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid at a value of about 1.3 mil. Euro, as the Swiss newspaper, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and one of Germany’s largest public television networks, Das Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen, reported.

  • Besides personal ecology, Komaja also engages in environmental ecology. To date, our greatest undertaking in this field was „Komaja’s Green Campaign” in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia and was personally inspired and led by Makaja. According to the Macedonian Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, which also supported us in written form, this was the largest urban ecological campaign in the history of the Republic of Macedonia.

  • At the end of 2003 Makaja created a financial press award in Croatia called The Character Pen, the purpose of which was to develop character-based, incorruptible press and democracy.

  • In the last decade Aba Aziz Makaja is (according to our information) the most read author of spiritual literature by the Southern Slavs.

  • Komaja is striving to found the United Religions of the World, a center of universal spiritual power and influence on the planet (as a counterpart to the United Nations).


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