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Fourfold Impeccability


Righteous Thought
Righteous Feeling
Righteous Speech and
Righteous Action

make up Komaja’s Fourfold Impeccability and at the same time comprise the most effective and harmless method for developing one’s throat chakra.
Only thinking which is always in the service of righteousness and justice allows for maximum achievement in intelligence. People who double-check even their most brilliant conclusions to see whether they are influenced by unconscious desires, needs or deviations, are very rare. They are so rare that one could even say they do not exist. Unfortunately they are usually missing even in spiritual groups. (...)


Righteous Feeling is much easier to realise. The path for developing the virtue of Righteous Feeling - in each situation, even the most critical - opens up for all those who are always able to remain fully emotionally open, understanding and full of heart-acceptance towards people who think and act differently or even in opposition to themselves. Such emotional openness is only discontinued in situations of great danger to themselves or other people. Only in such situations does a human transform into an enforcer of what he or she experiences as God’s order and will. Yet, even that happens without the slightest of negative emotions. 
Righteous Speech and Righteous Action are natural consequences of Righteous Thinking and Righteous Feeling.


Righteous Speech excludes:

  • giving advice and instructions without being asked

  • offering criticism without suggesting how something could be better and without being ready to do one’s utmost towards realising that suggestion 

  • speech, which creates unpleasant heat in the abdomen as well as an uncomfortable cramping of the abdominal muscles

  • speech, which creates breathing abnormalities and uncomfortable muscle cramps in the chest, the shoulders and throat

  • speech, which causes any further discomfort or tiredness

  • speech with filler-words

  • mindless speech, talking in an inappropriate situation; talking, which unnecessarily causes someone pain; speech in which one hides something or speech, which has a separate, selfish purpose aside from its literal meaning (...)


Righteous speech includes among other things:

  • sharing something sensible, beautiful and/or useful

  • inspirational, supportive speech

  • witty speech

  • telling the truth in such a way that people are positively affected by it

  • speech, which gratifies and relaxes one’s partner

  • time-appropriate and healthy silence, etc. (...)

See.: Aba Aziz Makaja, Komaja - die geistige Liebes- und Lebenskunst (Komaja - the Spiritual Art of Love and Life), Konstanz, 1998, page. 262 f.

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