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The Community


He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient unto himself, must be either a beast or a god.

– Aristotle

Whether in sports, art or spirituality, people join forces with each other, fight, work, play music, dance, pray or meditate together, as doing so sets free powers and abilities and makes results possible which an individual alone could never achieve. A common goal brings people together; a common vision gives them wings.

Our vision is Komaja – the God’s Radiating Love, or simplified, healthy, happy people, who are fulfilling their sense of life in love and truth. (See also the 7th condition of Komaja)

We work on this vision in two ways:
1. by striving for individual self-realisation: „Whoever is completely self-realised is free.  He or she has found the path to the source of life in him/herself (of both the psychic and the physical life). S/he can live successfully in any style of community.  Of all these styles s/he chooses the one in which s/he feels s/he can contribute most to the development of the people with whom s/he lives.“ (Eros & Logos, p. 239 f.)
2. by cultivating the virtue of community consciousness (of “team spirit” or “team life”, as contemporary success coaches would call it)

For us, community consciousness means:

to give one’s abilities and powers in a healthy and life supporting way to the community in order to make it richer
to assimilate the community’s life values in order to make one’s own life richer
to find the right proportion between giving and receiving
to be able to criticize in a constructive way as well as to accept constructive criticism
to be excited by other people, to admire them and to share those feelings with them
to take responsibility for the life of the community
to trust in others the same way that one trusts in oneself
To become a member of the community, one has to share our vision und respect our Seven Conditions (ethical rules, such as non-violence, honesty, etc.). One does not need to experience Makaja, the spiritual father and head of the community as one’s spiritual master or guru.
Nevertheless, the great majority of Komajas experience Makaja as a god-realised master, guide and ideal and we are very happy to be able to live so close to a source of love and knowledge. However, what is special about us, Komajas, and what makes us different from all other communities we know in the world: We also are ALL role models and carriers of the divine spark for each other. Cultivating and developing communication and interaction among one another is an essential part of our methodology for personal and spiritual growth.

Over the years the international Komaja community, in a narrow sense, has enumerated between 300 and 400 members.  The number of course attendees as well as Makaja’s pupils who do not follow all Seven Conditions so strictly today numbers several thousand!

Komaja's New Year 2024 Football Fun
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