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Kundalini Intensive


Meditation is an effortless state and process.

– Guru Makaja

The goal of the Kundalini Intensive is to reveal the path to the source of life – of power, love and consciousness – that lies within every human.  This course will help you systematically progress along this path.

The main subject of this course is the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti - the spiritual life force within a human being - and its conscious guiding through the seven main chakras, the centres of this power. The course is comprised of two parts. First, there is a theoretical component with lectures. Second is the practical component in which course participants learn Komaja yoga, as well as various other exercises, and are led through intensive meditations.  The course offers a look into the strict spiritual practice that yogis and holy people undertake in their quest for God, the source of life.  Equipped with this knowledge, each seeker can walk the path of Kundalini that leads directly to the source of all forms of life.
We offer the Kundalini Intensive as either a one or two week program. The one week Intensive is generally hosted at our main course center, Singing Sun, in Switzerland. It is located on the south side of the Gersau Massif with a view of one of the most beautiful Swiss lakes, Lake Lucerne, and the Alpine foothills of central Switzerland.  It is not far from the Rigi, the “Queen of the Mountains,” and its snow-white mountain peaks are visible even in August, yet it is still only a ten minutes drive down for a swim in Lake Lucerne.
The two week Kundalini Intensive takes place on the picturesque Croatian coast and in this way provides an opportunity to combine the course with a beach vacation.

Typical day

09:30 a.m.      Physical and breathing exercises (with individual counselling)
10:30 a.m.      Guided chakra meditation
11:30 a.m.      Vegetarian lunch
01:00 p.m.      Lecture about the chakra being worked with that day
03:00 p.m.      Break
Possibilities: mountain climbing/hiking, swimming, various sports, billiards, karma yoga, individual encounters, relaxation, etc.
04:30 p.m.      Optional: repetition of the morning exercises
05:30 p.m.      Guided chakra meditation
06:30 p.m.      Vegetarian dinner
08:00 p.m.      Second lecture about the chakra of the day
09:30 p.m.      One of the following activities, according to the wishes of the group: God-singing (mantra singing), spiritual dances, tantric meditations, conversations with the guru, etc.
The end of the day’s program is approx. at 11 p.m.

Number of participants
between 15 to 25 people


People who choose the “Seaside Intensive” share in the same theoretical and practical activities, spiritual experiences and knowledge, and expansions of consciousness, as the participants of the “Mountain Intensive”.  However, since the “Seaside Intensive” is combined with a beach vacation, it goes at a slower pace. This variant also offers two free days at the participants’ disposal for group excursions, individual outings, etc.

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