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Spiritual Schooling


Meditation is an effortless state and process.

– Guru Makaja

The primary spiritual schooling of Komaja, aside from the large schools and the Kundalini Intensive, includes the following two-weekend courses (for detailed information as well as course dates please contact the Komaja Academy staff at

1.  Komaja Meditation
2.  Komaja – the Yoga School
3. Healing Hands
4. Health, Evolution and Physiognomy
5. Sex and Polytherapy
6. Komaja – the School of Love and Eroticism
7.–11. The Yoga Sutra and Komaja I, II, III, IV and V
12.–13. Psychophonics or Sound, Tone and Spirit I and II
14. Death of the Ego
15. Spiritual Pedagogy – for the young, the old (and those who are falling in love)
16. The Pedagogy of Teamwork
17. Group Dynamic – the Decisive Factor for Success in Life
18. Spirit is Gold
19. Spiritual Crises and Ecstasies
20. The Guru Speaks about his Latest Insights

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