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Meditation Teacher


Meditation is an effortless state and process.

– Guru Makaja

To earn the Komaja Meditation Teacher Diploma candidates have to absolve the Komaja Primary Schooling, to attend at least 2 Large Summer or Winter Schools, at least one Kundalini Intensive and at least one (theoretical or practical) course of the Art of Love tantric program, and to pass a theoretical examination in the following subjects:

1. Philosophy of Komaja
2. Methodology of Komaja
3. Yoga-Sutra
4. Spiritualization of Sexuality
5. Spiritual Psychology
6. Science of Mantras (Psychophonics)
7. Kundalini-Yoga
8. Comparative Studies of Yoga, Tantra and  Christianity
9. Basics of Theosophy
10. Science and Spiritual Science
11. History of Komaja

Candidates for the examination, who have already acquired some of the required knowledge on their own or with other spiritual schools, they do not necessarily have to attend all courses of the Komaja Primary Schooling. In such exceptional cases, a written confirmation of the completed schooling and/or a preliminary examination will be enough.

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