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Sun, 11 Aug



Little Door Tantric Group - Komaja Art of Love Schooling

In Komaja’s World of Tantra the falling in love is intensified and solidified through systematic training. We learn here the skills of the heart! Because only this leads to lasting all-embracing love, charisma, social health, integral spirituality – and of course tantric mastery.

Little Door Tantric Group - Komaja Art of Love Schooling
Little Door Tantric Group - Komaja Art of Love Schooling


11 Aug 2024, 19:30 – 25 Aug 2024, 11:30

Ližnjan, Put za Marleru 23, 52204, Ližnjan, Croatia



The Art of Love is a long term program consisting of one-week or two-week courses in Komaja Tantra. These courses are tailored for the cultivation and development of love-erotic life, as well as its spiritualization.

USUAL NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS  between 20 and 40 people

METHOD  The method of work is determined by the individuals, couples or groups themselves.

LITTLE DOOR is Komaja’s second oldest tantric course group and was founded in 1991.  


“When a person is falling in love, she shows herself how she should always be”– Simone de Beauvoir.

Like no other feeling, the falling in love is able to renew and enlighten our life, to bring it out of routine, while still embracing everything that exists.

And despite the popular misconception that falling in love is a temporary delusion, we know that this deep ecstasy of the heart makes life worth living. Falling in love gives birth to new loves and makes old love new again. Falling in love does not need sex for its bliss, yet - the sex of those who are in the state of falling in love is the sex of the heavenly beings... and of the true Tantrics.

And that is why in Komaja’s World of Tantra the falling in love is intensified and solidified through systematic training. We learnt mental skills in school and university, the skills of the heart, we learn here! Because only this leads to lasting all-embracing love, charisma, social health, integral spirituality – and of course tantric mastery.

How we are living our sexuality, whether it be ascetic, monogamous, polyamorous, promiscuous - that is the decision of each individual and agreement between the lovers.

Whatever your orientation, in Komaja’s World of Tantra, you will learn a wide range of techniques for love-erotic and sexual mastership and find support for your own individual path of self-knowledge and self-realization.


Yours, Guru Makaja


Course-participants about Komaja’s World of Tantra:

“Makaja leads to infinite heights of spirit that seem so far and unreachable, and now you feel them through you. They feed you, fill your heart, your soul and your body.”

Urania, 26 years, aesthetician

“Komaja’s World of tantra has opened up for me a completely different life and it is wonderful!”

Alex, 24 years, Graphic designer 

“What a miracle! Sexual and love ecstasy can be learnt, divine orgasms can be trained! Thank you for this teaching that saved my life and marriage!”

Ines, 54 years, manager

“I could live in this way forever!”

Sasha, 30 years, agent

“Komaja’s World of Tantra is changing me! It is liberating me from inner and outer addictions!”

Xenia, 26 years, journalist

“Good Sex is Sex with love. Finally, I learnt here, how to train in love and also how to have sex so that love becomes stronger and stronger!”

Nathan, 63 years, therapist

“I always felt supported and loved in my processes.“

Dakota, 43 years, Yoga-teacher

“Komaja’s World of Tantra cannot be described in words - it has to be experienced! And even then, it is very likely that few people will understand the depth, wisdom, and the divine craziness that radiate through Makajas being.”

Natasha, 41 years, writer

“I experience that the human virtues awakened and developed in us through the training, as well as community life, are truly the seed of a new, nobler, and virtuous humanity.”

Ivan, 35 years, engineer


Our venue, the Yoga Meditation Tantra Center

CHERRY BLOSSOM, is a holiday paradise with an excellent vegetarian offer (awarded the V-label of the European Vegetarian Union):

Prices for vegetarian full board

EU, CH                                 Payment before 1.4.: € 59      after 1.4.: € 69

HR, MK, RS, ME, BA       Payment before 1.4.: € 49       after 1.4.: € 54

This price includes accommodation in a double room, full board with vegetarian meals

(fruit breakfast) and taxes.


Summer School (Reg./Disc.)

CH    800 / 620 EUR

EU (except  HR)    560 / 440 EUR

GB    560 / 440 EUR

HR    350 / 200 EUR

MK, BA, RS, ME    200 / 150 EUR

* For all those who attended the 2024 Summer Tantric Course (min. 14 days) Summer School 2024 is free.

Art of Love Schooling ** (Reg./Disc.)

CH    1530 / 780 EUR

EU (except  HR)    1050 / 530 EUR

GB    950 / 480 EUR

HR    490 / 340 EUR

MK, BA, RS, ME    390 / 280 EUR

** Information about the tantric courses ART OF LOVE on demand


For reservations and additional information, contact

or FILL OUT THE FORM at the following link: Komaja Summer Courses 2024 – Registration

We will send you an email with the final offer.

In order to confirm your booking you have to transfer the amount due for your accommodation and course to the

€ account of the Komaja Meditation School:

Komaja Meditationsschule, 6442 Gersau,

Postfinance, CH-3000 Bern

SWIFT: POFICHBE • IBAN CH66 0900 0000 9185 8236 2



for events organized by Komaja Meditationsschule, Komaja Stiftung and other Komaja organizations (if not otherwise stipulated in the corresponding event's flyer)


In case of cancellation of the entire reservation we kindly ask the guest/organizer to inform us as soon as possible.

For cancellations at short notice, the guest/organizer will be charged with a proportionate compensation fee as follows: 60-31 days before the event - 25% of the reserved services

30-15 days before the event - 50% of the reserved services

14-0 days before the event - 100% of the reserved services

If the Komaja Meditationsschule, Komaja Stftung, or any other Komaja organization has a reason to believe that the customer may endanger the smooth business operation, security, or reputation of the concerned Komaja organization, then the Komaja Meditationsschule, Komaja Stftung or another Komaja organizer entitled to cancel the reservation contract with the customer at any time without compensation.

For the Komaja-Meditationsschule  Franjo Milicevic - Aba Aziz Makaja

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