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On Being in Love and the Sexual Act

The state of being in love, that is, radiant love, is required in order for sexual intercourse

to be a spiritual method. Your capacity to be in love without interruption, intensely – that is, to easily enter the state of being in love again and again even during the most passionate sex, the most intense physical movement and long-lasting sexual act – determines the extent to which your sex is a spiritual method.

Why is that so? Because those two are opposites. The more sex you engage in, the more you leave spirit and enter into matter because a sexual act is an act of creation in itself. God created man in his image; our creative organs were created in the image of God’s creative organs. As God creates in macrocosm, so people create in microcosm. What am I creating? Through this sexual act I create a new, most perfect body on the planet. This is why the sexual function, that is, action, in fact represents materialisation of spirit, that is, soul. Through the sexual act I materialise everything that is within me and my partner. Therefore, sexual activity is by nature directly opposite to spiritual activity.

Spiritual activity spiritualises our flesh. Through sexual activity I make my flesh as

material as possible so as to materialise what I am, myself as a soul, that is, the soul of my

partner and myself. This is a joint act of materialisation, which is the opposite of

spiritualisation. This is why radiant love and sex – that is, the state of being in love and sex –

are complete opposites. The state of being in love heads in one direction, while sex heads in another. If you manage to radiate love during sexual act, you are a liberated soul – a


If you follow the right-hand path of tantra, which means you practise what I teach you

but in a way of complete sexual abstinence, you will not engage in sex, but you will still have a large enough circle of very intimate friends. And you will have very intimate, deep spiritual friendships with women and men, in interaction with whom sex drive and eroticism will be perfectly transformed and sublimated into mental, emotional, and erotic togetherness filled with spirit, humour, and beauty of all kinds.

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