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The Tantric Approach to Life

Tantra means perfection of action, perfection of doing, of perceiving, of observing, and

of change within us, outside us, and between us and our surroundings. The tantric approach to life entails constant, highly conscious activity. We are changing the world. We believe that we are capable of speeding up our human evolution and the evolution of life in general, the evolution of animals, plants, minerals. That is the tantric approach to life. We can change everything within ourselves and everything around us, but we have to live for it in every moment of our daily lives.

I know it is difficult. We have hormones, we may be tired from travelling, we may be

stressed, we may be in a relationship which is not good at this point, or we may not be in a

relationship and be troubled by that. However, we should be aware of the fact that we have to struggle constantly. This is exactly the same as life at Shaolin. Those people fight throughout the day, morning to night, for perfection of the body and for consciousness through the body.

They exercise, and when they are not exercising, they are meditating on the exercises,

visualising, healing, running; they are in it all the time – the kung fu masters of 10, 20, 30

years. That is all they do at the monastery. A tantric disciple is someone who is crazy about

tantra, just as the people at Shaolin are crazy about kung fu. Only such a person can be a true disciple of the Komaja Tantra.

Our general, spiritual-philosophical approach is a tantric approach, which means that we are magi. We are not merely religious people who believe they can establish contact with the divine and thus be saved from suffering in the three lower worlds – the mental world, the emotional world, and the physical world. We believe in a great deal more!

We believe that we can establish contact with the divine and through this contact

accelerate our individual evolution – evolution of the nervous system, of the endocrine

system, of the brain, of the emotional and the mental body. This means reaching the next level of evolution of divine life in this material world earlier. The mineral realm, the plant realm, the animal realm, the human realm, and the realm of the overhuman, which is to come.

Many saints, gurus, shamans and sorcerers have already taken one or more steps

towards the next level of evolution, towards the next realm of divine life on Earth, which is

the realm of the overhuman. Psychologists have established that the difference in the IQ of a genius and that of an idiot is greater than the difference in the IQ of an idiot and that of a rat. We have the same faces, but we are definitely not the same and we can definitely not compare an average human being to Milarepa, Shankara, Jesus or Buddha. The mineral realm, the plant realm, the animal realm, and the human realm. The realm of the overhuman will come. The potential is already here.

If you want this, you must fight like the people at Shaolin fight for perfection in the art

of kung fu. As people with a tantric approach to life, we believe that we can accelerate our

individual evolution and enter the next level of evolution before the majority of the people

from our humanity do. This is so much fun, it is so wonderful. The mere indication that it may

be possible and that we can try and perhaps succeed is enough. For some people, for the


There are old tantric religions in which followers pray to Shiva and Shakti, but that is

not our path. We are 21st-century tantrists from Europe. Our tantric approach is more

spiritual-scientific. It is not like the ancient Indian or ancient Chinese tantric approaches.

On the Komaja path you have to be present in spirit every single moment, from morning to night. You have to be fully present and have the same attitude as the people from Shaolin inevery single activity you perform. You have to fight for the spirit through this body, for the Divine Shakti through this body, through every movement of this body, through every word this body produces and through every look you give from this body. It should always be a channelling of the Holy Spirit or the Divine Shakti.

If you practise this, you will gain various powers, and to a much greater extent than the

average people. Many people have noticed this. They do not know what exactly it is that is

different, but they notice that something is different. And they like you. This is why Jesus

says: “By their fruit you will recognise them.” That is how you can always evaluate how good

your training as a tantric spiritual Shaolin is and whether you are doing enough. If you do it

properly, the people around you will notice your kindness, the quality of your life, your high

vibrations, the capacity for work, the capacity for joy, for having fun with people… You will

get a great deal more out of life than the majority of the people around you. There are many

people who are not very intelligent or wealthy, or are perhaps only moderately intelligent, and yet are loved very much by many people. They have that something. If you do your tantric training, you will have that something and men and women will be crazy about you. They will be able to feel it and they will come for it as if it were food. We create highly nourishing energy.

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