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Bringing about this devotion, this disintegration of the self through love – that is actually the greatest and only spiritual endeavour. There is no other.

– Guru Makaja

Makaja, civil name Franjo Milicevic, was born on the 15th of August, 1953 in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. As his family was prominent both socially and spiritually, the young Makaja was actually expected to become a lawyer and to work to establish the freedom and rights of his people, just as his ancestors had for centuries.  Accordingly, he studied law in Zagreb, his second “home town.”  However, it was his family’s other, spiritual influence that had most effect on his life. Supplementing his Christian background, Makaja devoted himself to the study of Near Eastern spiritual systems like Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta, carrying out the practical exercises of these systems ascetically for years.

The results were fundamental changes in consciousness. Makaja began to teach and people began to follow him. His teaching, which he developed from following Tantric Kundalini Yoga, the Christian spirit and his own spiritual experiences, became ever more distinctly crystallized. He called it KOMAJA.



At the core and centre of Komaja is the development of love: “Bringing about this devotion, this disintegration of the self through love – that is actually the greatest and only spiritual endeavour. There is no other.”  Although Makaja says this is the “only endeavour”, he nonetheless offers his disciples – according to individual temperament, preference and aptitude – a multitude of theoretical and practical methods to reach this goal.
One of the most fascinating methods for many people is sex. According to Makaja, “Instead of using it, you abuse it.  It is godly!”  For over two decades Makaja has led Tantra groups.  Along with guidance in the art of erotic love, he teaches an involved system which uses sexual energy for spiritual development.  His teaching is varied, original and open to experimentation – just as he is himself.
Prominent at the beginning of his spiritual path in numerous national and international spiritual communities, since Makaja has been on his own, many international organizations have been established in his name, both to expand his teaching and for the help and “caritas” of those in need.  During the war in former-Yugoslavia, for example, Makaja founded two humanitarian organizations.
He accompanied deliveries of relief assistance, the sum of 1.3 million Euro, into the war zones under grenade showers during times of intense combat – untypical of a spiritual master, characteristic of Makaja. “I only believe in the love that expresses itself through deeds of love” is his much quoted remark.
The other influence of Makaja’s cultural and socio-political heritage, can also be seen: in his lobbying for the introduction of love-erotic education into primary and secondary schools, the introduction of teaching regarding Kundalini into medical school programs, and in his successful methods for overcoming drug addiction (privately and state financed), for example. Yet, the following is and remains Makaja’s sole orientation:
“As God within me gives me everything I have; and because I see that this God also gives all people around me everything they have; and since I perceive when I meet powerful, spiritual beings that they are divine and so tremendously powerful exactly because they are united with this same God, I, therefore, devote myself to Him completely .
He is God without name and form, and at the same time, it seems to me as if all forms are forms of Him, and that all names only label his forms.  Thus, my only thought, my only desire is to be devoted to Him, to be one with Him.”

Guru Makaja


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