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The Highest Tantra

Being in love is the essence of the Komaja tantric technology. When young people are in love, they always appear to be electrified. Their kundalini is as active as in a tantric yoga master. Only fools believe they will find enlightenment in the svādhishthāna chakra. Enlightenment entails activation of the svādhishthāna chakra and then bringing that entire life force into the area of the heart chakra. The pubic area is harnessed and the chest radiates – that is the basis of tantric kundalini yoga.

Memories of experienced beauty, ecstasy, and sweetness make you inhale more oxygen, and your rapture makes you hold your breath for longer and longer periods. Your chest becomes like the sun! Love, light, sweetness, and complete surrender – like the greatest tantric yoginis, like the greatest tantric yogis!

Complete surrender. Chest like the sun.

Ananda lahari – you feel waves of bliss permeate you! You pass it forward, to everybody in the circle, to everyone in the world, like St. Francis and St. Clare, who (perhaps) did not physically touch. The highest tantra. The tantra that awakens the heart chakra, even without physical touch, merely through yearning, yearning taken to the utmost limit, like Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, like Buddha and his nephew Ananda.

When the anāhata radiates that way, it makes absolutely no difference to you whether you have sex or you are a brahmacharin. When two or more people love each other that way, when they feel they are one with everything, with the entire Universe, with the creator of the Universe, who thinks about physical embrace? Like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Jesus and Mary Magdalen. How their chests, their auras must have radiated!

Sun in the chest, light in the whole aura, endless light.

Love without an object.

Peace that transcends all understanding.

Waves of bliss for the entire circle, for the entire village, for all the people on the planet, like Jesus and Mary Magdalen, like the apostles and their closest female disciples.

Be a blessing to this world! Be one of those who shine, who adore life, who are surrendered to the highest love, who are surrendered to the love of the Highest! Be one of those who bless the entire world!

Let us bravely delve into the Pandora’s Box of svādhishthāna! Let us transfer all those powerful forces of the universe to our heart and let us give it to one another and to the entire world! Let us be transformers – conscious, courageous transformers for the well-being of all people, for the well-being of all sentient beings!


There are no body boundaries, only immense light, like in the most extreme orgasms. The light of the being.

Repeated waves of happiness, like the Indian mystic who says, When I love you and embrace you, I am not embracing and loving you but the entire Universe.

Sat Chit Ananda

* * *

If you use such content to activate the energies in the lower chakras and the vertical flow of energy that comes into the heart chakra and radiates from the chest, you will assume the natural body position as shown on the archetypal paintings of yogis. You will feel light in your chest, like a bird in flight. The vital forces of aeons and aeons of evolution will become servants to the higher life in the chest. You will be able to make inspired speeches, touch, heal, fuck, and bring light into people’s higher chakras. As Jesus touched Mary Magdalen and she became enlightened, so Ramakrishna touched a prostitute and she was enlightened.[1]

Indian occult books describe Buddha as a very slender man. This means that Shivananda, Yogananda, Satyananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Ravi Shankar had a serious problem – they had not achieved the perfect transformation of the energies of the mūladhara chakra and the svādhishthāna chakra or raising the energy upwards – like a cobra, a bhujangi, like kundalini. Those are all names for kundalini, for the snake that awakens, raises its head, and starts moving upwards. It is at the level of the heart that you get wings of the soul and the spirit, not before. In anything before this you are slaves to the body drives.

You must achieve that transformation of the energies of the lower chakras, with or without tantra. You can be on the brahmacharya path as a method, you may be monogamous, polyamorous, or promiscuous, but the issue is always transformation of energies. In all of the above cases you must learn how to observe and how to transform those vital forces of aeons of evolution in the material world, how to liberate the Kundalini Shakti and how to manifest it through higher psychoenergetic centres that make you human. In the lower areas you are a snake, a crocodile, or an octopus, in the stomach you are a lion, and in the chest you are like a songbird in flight. The bird is a different type of life, an element of air, you are mobile in all directions, there are no more cramps, there is no more feeling of the ego. That is the level of the heart.

Minerals, plants, animals, humans; and when the Kundalini Shakti permanently manifests at the level of the throat chakra, the consequence is transformation of everything human into overhuman. Therefore, raise the energies of the svādhishthāna chakra to the throat chakra (for the majority of your everyday life) and you will become an overhuman. It is difficult, but it is possible.

Instead of a horizontal erection, you get a vertical erection that nourishes your brain. You can do anything you want. For instance, you can learn a lot faster, like little children. Children also have a great deal more joy than adults. Why? Because they have vertical erections instead of horizontal ones. They have them because they are still developing, and development means going from lower to higher. Through development, they have vertical erections. After puberty, you are a ripe fruit and you should create new fruits – then you get the horizontal erection. However, we humans have to change the game. We may play the sexual game if we want, but the majority of our energies should stimulate our higher chakras. Those who succeed in this will become sweet and charismatic, they will acquire many friends, many potential love-erotic partners, and so on. They will also find creativity, the development of their intelligence will be accelerated, and so on.

The snake of life, the Biblical snake, is inside. In the old religions it was called Ouroboros[2], the Snake that creates the world. Once that snake gets to the level of the heart (or even the throat), it gets wings and becomes Caduceus[3]. If kundalini rises to the level of the heart, the spirit becomes independent of the physical body. Human can then consciously separate from the body and then they can realise, Aha, that is the body with the drives! I can play with it, but that no longer matters to me. I am much more than this body. An animal does not have that option, as it is at a lower level of evolution of life.

The levels of the evolution of life that have been achieved so far are the following: the mineral realm, the plant realm, the animal realm, and the human realm. The overhuman realm is in its inception and is manifested as rare embodiments of spirits such as Shankara, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus… Those human beings have transcended the human realm and therefore live permanently in bliss, light, and love.


[1] The enlightenment lasted several minutes, but the experience was so powerful that she decided to live a spiritual life and was no longer involved in prostitution. [2] Ouroboros or uroboros (ancient Greek: the one who eats himself, literally: “devouring its own tail”) is a picturesque symbol of a snake biting its own tail and comprising a closed circle. It is known in the iconography of ancient Egypt. It is also defined as the snake of eternity. [3] Caduceus (Latin) or the staff of Hermes is a staff entwined by two serpents whose heads are turned toward each other. The symbol is interpreted in various ways – on the one hand, as a combination of opposing forces (which interpretation was later used mainly by alchemists), and on the other hand as a symbol of fertility, in which the staff is interpreted as a phallic symbol above which two snakes are mating. In kundalini-yoga schools, the snakes are interpreted as ida nadī and pingala nadī, through which the kundalini rises, meandering through the human body and meeting in the sushumna nadī – the staff in the middle.

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