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Three Days of Bliss and the Ecology of a Yogi

If an ordinary human experiences an orgasm lasting between 10 and 15 seconds on a daily basis between the ages of 17 and 35, he or she will have had between 60 and 80 orgasmic hours in the period of 18 years. Let us say that a sexual genius experiences 240 orgasmic hours in the same period. He or she will have lived in bliss only 10 days from the age of 17 to the age of 35. That is negligible.

It is amazing that people do not wonder about this more, that no one has begun to systematically meditate and reflect on this, or research it – privately, publicly, as a layperson, professionally, scientifically, philosophically, theologically. It is incredible that hedonists, who want to enjoy life so much, whose meaning of life is pleasure, are not researching ways to extend the time of ecstasy.

Out there, on the fringes of Europe, in remote Herzegovina, one Makaja was born so that he could tell people, Hey, people, this is something you have to think about! You have to increase that time of ecstatic consciousness in the course of the day. You have to develop methods to help you do that!

Notwithstanding my very Catholic family, both on my mother’s side and on my father’s side, thinking this way and experiencing the world this way is the most natural thing for me. Who is the lunatic here? I do not care if I am a hedonist or a believer – within myself, through myself, through my soul and body, I detected the capacity for ecstasy. The first thought that comes to my mind after I have detected it is, How do I cultivate this capacity for ecstasy, how do I develop it?

I do not understand why eight billion people on this planet have not managed to actualise this, but I see it as crucial for peace and for justice – of the individual, of humanity, of the entire planet.

Those who are satisfied will be calm and healthy. They will not feel the need to subjugate others, to cut down the Amazonian rain forest, or to produce electricity in nuclear power plants because they will be calm, ecstatic, and satisfied. A healthy human does not need to be so exceedingly wealthier than others. In this case, we will have peace and health of the entire humankind and the entire planet.

Scientists have established that orgasm is experienced in the pleasure centre in the brain. Every time they release a mild current through an electrode into that centre, a human experiences an orgasm. A yogi sits calmly without an electrode in his head, but using his trained willpower he channels the force of life from the bottom of the torso, like a laser beam of light, to the pleasure centre in the brain. He is happy, satisfied, everything in him is connected – from the perineum to the crown of the head – as is the case with you in orgasm. He is calm, he is healthy, he is happy, and he is not doing anyone any harm. This is what we want – we want to become masters of that flow of life between the perineum and the brain.

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