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Guru Makaja


We invite you to explore and learn more about the Komaja community, its founder Guru Makaja, the unique spiritual techniques and methods for spiritual development which are specially designed for the contemporary lifestyle and for the needs of people who want to bring about the best within themselves, develop and maintain long-lasting friendships and intimate relationships.

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Who we are


Hello, dear visitor! Remember the time when you were most in love. How truly happy and self-sufficient you were! How radiant! And at the same time a blessing for your fellow humans - a source of joy, peace and inspiration. That is how you should always radiate - continually, incessantly. Every human being desires this happiness, a happiness related to the bliss of the holy and the first step to it.

So, where is the path to this radiant love, to Komaja? There are many. In the following pages we would like to introduce you to one of them.

Komaja means "Radiant Love" and it describes a spiritual/philosophical system as well as community which was founded in 1978.

Knowledge is its connecting spiritual thread, radiant love its principal virtue. Komaja offers a deep and non-dogmatic access to spirituality. Every area of human life and co-existence is rethought, new concepts are worked out, tested and, ultimately, lived. Whether you are interested in issues of health, partnership and the "art of love-eroticism", or long to develop love and consciousness, Komaja offers an extensive program of ongoing education - in other words, a profound spiritual schooling. You can come out of this schooling with a diploma and preferably, of course, with your own self-realization!

You are welcome to visit and journey with us on the path of love and knowledge!

Aba Aziz Makaja & The Komaja Community

* Our main organisation, The Komaja Foundation/CH, as well as three other KOMAJA Societies are full members of WAS -World Association for Sexual Health

Komaja as a spiritual-philosophical system also includes naturism.  For those who find looking at the naked human body offensive, the following pages may not be for you. And we would like to recommend to you Makaja’s book “Eros & Logos: The book for Saints and Sinners”.



The spiritual art of loving and living